The Abbey Rose Fund has also helped families who are going through the same situation the Kudrin’s did with Abbey Rose.  When Abbey died, someone sent her family a book called “Mommy, Please Don’t Cry…There Are No Tears in Heaven.”  Since then, Sam and Suzi have now sent out numerous books to families who have gone through the loss of a child.  Sam and Suzi also have used the money from the fund the pay for anyone who would like to get infant CPR certified.  In the future, the fund will be used to continue helping families who have lost a child and they also plan on working with Rainbow Baby and Children’s Hospital to help families.  For more details visit our “How We Help” Page

To send a book visit the “Send A Book.” page.

To donate to the Abbey Rose Foundation, contributions can be sent to:
The Abbey Rose Foundation
211 Ohio St.
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Checks payable to the Abbey Rose Fund.

Donations can also be made through PayPal.